Monday, 11 February 2019

Keep It Simple #essentialsofrecovery

“Sanity is madness put to good use.”

—George Santayana

In Step Two we come to believe a Power greater than ourselves can restore us to sanity. In a way, as we work Step Two, we’re praying that our madness can be put to good use. This is just what happens. Addiction was wrecking our life. But it’s also our addiction that forced us into a new way of life.

As long as we remember what our madness was like, we can put it to good use. When we feel like giving up, let’s remember our madness. It will help us go on. When we see someone suffering from the illness of addiction, let’s remember our days of madness. It will help us be there for that person. It’s also good to remember that our madness is only a pill or a drink away.

Prayer for the Day: Higher Power, I believe You can put my madness to good use. I give up my madness; do with it what You want.

Action for the Day: I’ll list a couple ways my Higher Power and I have changed my madness into sanity.
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