Sunday, 10 February 2019

Walk In Dry Places #essentialsofrecovery

What is rightfully mine
Personal Gains

One of the hard lessons of life is that we can’t always “win” in the worldly game for prestige, power, and property. It is especially galling to see rewards going to others that don’t seem to have earned them. Much of the world’s conflict, in fact, grows out of disputes over what rightfully belongs to whom.

In sobriety, we need a higher perspective than what we’re likely to find in the brawling world around us. Rather than demanding rights to anything, we should know that everything is part of a spiritual world. The real meaning of the last line of The Lord’s Prayer is that all power, prestige, and property belong to our Higher Power. Whatever we have or will acquire is only temporary, at best, and can easily be lost through wrong thinking and bad actions.

Emmet Fox, whose writings guided the early AA members, taught that we possess things only through “rights of consciousness.” In perfectly legitimate ways, we will always possess whatever is necessary for our real work in this life. If one door closes, another will always open. We do not have to envy anything that others possess, nor should we attempt to wrestle it from them. God will always lead us to whatever we need for our highest good.

I will not fret this day about any lost property or opportunities. My needs will be met in a satisfactory manner as I continue to seek the highest and best in every situation.
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