Tuesday, 12 February 2019

WALK IN DRY PLACES #essentialsofrecovery


Practicing Principles

There may be a hidden meaning in that bumper sticker that reminds us to “Do it sober,” but we can also read it to mean that real sobriety should guide everything we do today.

Real sobriety is emotional sobriety. We have it when our principles protect us from overpowering feelings growing out of greed, fear, and resentment. Even without the bottle, an attack of fear or resentment can distort personal judgment and lead to foolish mistakes. Whatever we do, whether it’s sweeping a factory floor or leading a corporate board meeting, we should do with confidence and calm self-control.

When we work in this way, we help others. We only harm them if we bring bitterness and resentment into their space. True emotional sobriety helps us set a better example and assures others that AA really works in people’s lives. One AA member was pleasantly surprised when he was complimented for remaining calm in confrontations with angry people. He realized that his AA principles had been at work in his workplace, helping him to maintain a calm dignity that made him assertive and effective. Whatever we do sober, we always do better.

Today I’ll remind myself to stay emotionally as well as physically sober. So-called dry drunks are not slips, but they destroy my effectiveness and should have no place in my life. I will meet everyone and face everything with quietness and confidence.

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