Friday, 15 February 2019

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Emotional Emergencies

Wise managers install automatic sprinkler systems to protect their businesses. The system’s great value is that it goes into action during the first few minutes of a fire, before it gets out of control. This gives the fire department precious time to arrive and put the fire out.

Our AA program gives us something like an automatic sprinkler system. We never know when the flames of resentment might leap up, seemingly out of nowhere. If we’ve been working our program, something takes over automatically to begin dealing with resentment.

This gives us time to bring more of our valuable spiritual tools into use. Knowing that resentment is burning away, we can try one thing and then another until it is brought to rest. Perhaps we will try prayer. We might also discuss our problem with a close friend or sponsor. Maybe we’ll attend a meeting and lay the matter out for group attention. We may help somebody, even in a small way. An amazing healing of resentment can come from any helpful action. Even a simple action like helping a person in a stalled automobile can work wonders in deflecting the pain of ongoing resentment.

I need not fear the sudden appearance of resentment if I have been following my program. I already have within myself the methods for holding resentment at bay while I deal with it.

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