Tuesday, 26 March 2019

FR. LEO'S DAILY MEDITATION #essentialsofrecovery


“The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery.”

~ Mark Van Doren ~

I need a “sponsor” in recovery. A sponsor is someone I turn to when I have problems, when I am confused or in pain, when I need to talk, when I feel lonely, or when I am about to make a major change. I greatly benefit from someone with whom to share ideas, especially ideas that affect my actual living, because the disease of alcoholism pervades my life!

My sponsor guides, suggests, and gently leads me in the right direction. He or she does not demand, dictate, or try to be a fixer. My sponsor is a friend I can trust. My sponsor does not allow me to escape into his or her life or become addicted to our relationship.

God, let me always be free enough to discover You in my life.

© 2008 Leo Booth 
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