Monday, 25 March 2019

Walk in Dry Places #essentialsofrecovery

Expect Miracles

Some have claimed that there have been no miracles since the fourteenth century. This is a smug way of saying that miracles do not happen.

Emmet Fox conceded that miracles don’t happen in the sense of violating the perfect, universal system of law and order. But there is such a thing as appealing to a higher law, and this too is part of the constitution of the universe. Prayer is a means of doing this, and enough prayer will get you out of any difficulty, Fox insisted.

People who have found sobriety in AA are actually modern miracles. They expect more miracles to continue happening” otherwise, there would be no point in continuing to work with newcomers. And while we’re expecting miracles, let’s remember that countless other human problems will yield to a spiritual approach. Life itself is miraculous when we study it: why shouldn’t there be more miracles ahead?

I’ll keep an open mind on the subject of miracles. Since we still can glipmse only a fragment of the universe, it should follow that there’s also much more to learn about the spiritual processes that rescued us from alcoholism.
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