Sunday, 3 March 2019

Walk in Dry Places #essentialsofrecovery

What will this change bring?

When facing change, it’s not unusual to feel both apprehension and expectancy. We are apprehensive because we know that change includes risk. We feel expectancy, however, because we know that improvement can come only through some kind of change.

The way to handle change is to see it as part of the higher plan working in our lives. If we believe that our lives are in the care and keeping of our Higher Power, we have to know that everything is in good hands. As change occurs, it is simply part of a plan that is unfolding in order to bring more good into our lives.

We should not expect change without temporary disruptions or even surprises that appear to be setbacks. All that’s necessary is to know that change is good if we maintain the right attitude toward it.

It’s also helpful to review the past changes that have been so important in our lives. Once change has occurred, we come to accept it as normal, forgetting that it involved a lot of anxiety at one time. So it is with any change that is unfolding now. It’s part of a wonderful plan that cannot fail.

I accept change without fear or superstition. Change is built into the nature of things, and will always be part of our lives. I accept it as readily as I accept change of the seasons.
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