Thursday, 4 April 2019

Father Leo’s Daily Meditation #essentialsofrecovery


“Beauty is not caused. It is.”

–Emily Dickinson

So many people think that beauty is what you do to yourself; what you wear, makeup, clothes, hairstyles or expensive jewelry. Again it is so easy to get caught up in “things”. Reality is not about what we wear but who we are.

The beauty that God has created comes from within. The twinkle in the eyes that says “hello”. The hug that says “I love you”. The gentle embrace and smile that says “I forgive you”. The tear that cries “I understand”.

When God said to the world, “It is good”, Beauty was born. Drugs and crazy relationships only get in the way of us being what we were intended to be: beautiful for God.

Today I seek to put God’s beauty in my actions, words and attitudes.
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