Tuesday, 2 April 2019

Keep It Simple #essentialsofrecovery

To know all things is not permitted.

— Horace

In recovery, we give up trying to be perfect. We give up trying to know everything. We work at coming to know and accept our short-comings. In Step Four and Five, we look at our good points and our bad points. In Step Six, we become ready to have our Higher Power remove our “defects of character.” Then in Step Seven we ask our Higher Power to remove our “shortcomings.”

Recovery is about coming to accept that we’re not prefect. We admit that trying to be perfect got in the way of being useful to ourselves, our Higher Power, and those around us. Pretending to be prefect doesn’t allow us to be real. It’s also boring and no fun—you never get to mess up.

Prayer for the Day: Higher Power, You will let me know what I need to know. Allow me to claim my mistakes and shortcomings.

Action for the Day: I will work at being okay today. Not prefect, just okay.
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