Friday, 5 April 2019

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Not what we would, but what we must, makes up the sum of living.

— Richard Henry Stoddard

“We must do the things we must” is frequent advice in the Program. Each Step is evidence of what our founders did in order to achieve abstinence and keep it going with serenity and security. All of the “musts” implied in the Steps and frequently mentioned throughout the Big Book are also spiritual. We will find the importance of “must” in the favorite quotes from that book.

The Steps aren’t based on the theory of “thou shalt not.” They are based on the theory that “thou shall.” That’s why we say “there are no musts” in our Program.

Fortunately, those Twelve Steps we work require positive action. They tell us what we can do in order that each of us can live a joyous, happy, and free existence.

“Must” appears many times in the Big Book, along with a few “absolutes.” This doesn’t refer to our requirements for working the Program. It just lets us concentrate on what we can do, not on what we can’t.

From the book:

Easy Does It by Anonymous
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