Tuesday, 9 April 2019

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Agreement is usually not necessary

Many of us have lived as if we always had to be right. We did not stop to notice that other things we cared about were being lost such as friends who got tired of our persistent need to be right, or children whose self-esteem was undermined when there was no room for their ideas, or a former mate who drifted away because we could relax only if we were proven right. In our differences there is much more to look at and far more to settle than who is right and who is wrong.

An intimate connection is simply communicating our differences to each other and understanding them. Agreement is usually not necessary. Our partnership gives us an opportunity to view the world intimately through someone else’s eyes. Defeating our differences defeats our opportunities to learn. We need just exclaim, Oh that’s another way to see it!

Our task is to learn how our partner sees the world. We grow because we gain a second outlook.

From the book:

                               The More We Find In Each Other by Merle Fossum and Mavis Fossum
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