Tuesday, 2 April 2019

Walk in Dry Places #essentialsofrecovery

Accepting Risk
Facing Reality.

Like it or not, life seems to have certain risks that just can’t be avoided. Alcoholics are not really comfortable with risk-taking. This is especially true in situations that include risk of rejection, risk of defeat, or risk of loss.

If we try to get through life without accepting some risk, however, we’re simply not being realistic. The refusal to accept risk may also mean that we miss wonderful opportunities in the process.

What should we do? We should face risk intelligently and with spiritual preparation. FIRST, we do everything possible to reduce risk in any situation (thus making it a “calculated risk”). THEN we pray for guidance and inspiration (but not a certain outcome). FINALLY, we do our very best to succeed in the situation, whether it’s a courtship, a job search, competition in sports, or whatever.

We might surprise ourselves by succeeding more times than we fail. But even in temporary failure, we gain if we follow through in accepting reasonable and necessary risks.

I’ll exercise prudence and good judgment in all my undertakings today, but I won’t expect to be able to “play it safe” in everything. As a human being, I have to take risks in life.
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