Monday, 20 May 2019

A Day At A Time

Reflection For The Day

When we take the Ninth Step, we must be willing to be absolutely honest.  Obviously, though, indiscriminate “absolute honesty” would blow the roof off many a house and entirely destroy some relationships.  We must hold nothing back through deceit and pride;  we may need to hold something back by discretion and consideration of others.  Just when and how we tell the truth — or keep silent — can often reveal the difference between genuine integrity and none at all.  Am I grateful for the products of truth which, through the grace of God, I have been privileged to receive?

Today I Pray

May I have the wisdom to know the fine-line difference between tact and dishonesty.  In my eagerness to make restitution, may I not be the charmer, the flatterer or the crawler who insists, “You’re so good, and I’m so bad.”  All are forms of dishonesty and hark back to the role-playing days of my active addiction.  May I recognize them.

Today I Will Remember

Tact is honest selectivity. 
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