Friday, 10 May 2019

Father Leo’s Daily Meditation


“When one is painting, one does not think.”

–Raphael Sanzio

An artist is predominantly a person who feels rather than thinks; he is molding his most inner experiences into the finished product.

I am doing the same in my sobriety. Today I am molding something good and wholesome from a life that was negative and destructive. I am rediscovering God, not just in thoughts and ideas, but in the daily happenings of my life. God is not only an idea but He is alive in my relationships, behavior and daily acts of kindness.

God is a process in which I am involved. He is at the center of my life, regardless of the ordinariness of the event. Art is part of my life because I am a creative human being.

Teach me to look beyond the painting into myself.
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