Tuesday, 14 May 2019

Father Leo’s Daily Meditation


“A little theory makes sex more interesting, more comprehensive and less scary. Too much is a put-down especially as you’re likely to get it out of perspective and become a spectator of your own performance.”

–Dr. Alex Comfort

We make too much of sex because we are afraid of it. We abuse God’s gift of sex by placing it out of context, removing it from the other things that make it meaningful, e.g., gentleness, trust, sensitivity, communication and commitment.

The performance becomes more important than the expression. The meaning gets lost in the event. God’s precious gift of sex is abused by the sex act itself and it then begins to feed on itself. Compulsive sex is only demonstrated loneliness!

Spirituality teaches me to see all things as part of God’s gift of “wholeness” and sex is an important part of this – but only a part.

God, in the awareness of my sexuality, may I discover a relationship with myself, others and You.
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