Thursday, 16 May 2019

Today’s Gift

More majestic than a cardinal, as shining as a pyx.

—Gustave Flaubert

What in the world is a pyx? If we don’t have an expert nearby, we’ll have to look in a book. There we’ll find it defined, explained, fixed. Now what in the world is love? It doesn’t live in a tree or a book, so where in the world do we look? Can we find love in the house, maybe swept under the rug? Can we know the feel of it in our hands, see it written on the lines of faces we know? Does it make a sound – maybe laugh and cry? Does it know how to speak, form words carefully, write letters? Is it only written on the heart?

We find love inside us, and our love seeks itself out in others. We find it in the familiar footfall of a brother or sister, the sound of a parent’s voice in the next room, and yet, too often we don’t express it directly. When we do, our love thrives in all we do together.

What does love have to do with the ordinary facts of life?
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