Friday, 10 May 2019

Walk In Dry Places

Doing the impossible things

One of our friends became critical of our AA group, suggesting that we were limiting ourselves by focusing solely on recovery when so many other accomplishments waited on the horizon. After all, isn’t it written that “with God, all things are possible?”

It is indeed true that we should place no limits at all on our Higher Power. Even nonbelievers will admit that nature and the universe show power and intelligence that are far beyond our understanding.

What limits us is our own ability to receive and use our Higher Power in proper ways. Even if our journey in the program gives us boundless self-confidence, we must always deal with our own selfish tendencies and the temptation to seek personal gain rather than personal improvement. Certain kinds of success can be fully as toxic as any drug. Some of us, in fact, can deal with disappointments more effectively than we can with too much success.

The Idea of “doing impossible things” is fully covered in the Steps. We seek knowledge of “God’s will for us and the Power to carry that out.” This means that we’ll find the where-withdrawal to do anything that belongs in our lives. Anything else is needless and perhaps even dangerous.

I’ll not feel that I lack faith simply because I haven’t been able to reach certain goals. My Higher Power will show me how to balance my life so I can accept what is rightfully mine. There is no need to do the seemingly “impossible” unless it is in the order of things. 
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