Thursday, 23 May 2019

Walk in Dry Places

Avoid the paralysis of analysis
Practical Spirituality

The good news of the Twelve step program is that we have a Higher Power whose presence serves as a source of guidance and understanding as we go through each day. Letting this power work through us is only a matter of will….. God draws as near to us as we wish to draw near to God.

As we let our Higher Power work, we remember that no scientific explanation for this process is necessary. We could paralyze our spiritual activity by trying to analyze it, thus bringing about an undesirable “paralysis or analysis.” It’s also not necessary to win another’s endorsement of what we’re trying to do. We must not be influenced by any scorn or ridicule of our efforts.

All that’s necessary is that we know God in our own lives and stay faithful to our program. We let the presence of God work freely and smoothly as we go about our business.

I’ll work today with the comfortable knowledge that God is really doing work through me.
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