Tuesday, 7 May 2019

Walk in Dry Places

Regrets over roads not taken
Releasing the past.

Looking back, every one of us can point to moment when we made choices that helped set the course of our lives. It?s easy to waste time and energy wondering what our lives would have been like if other choices had been made at these critical points.

Such thinking is mostly a waste of time and may reflect dissatisfaction with our lives today. Whatever our past mistakes, the decisions we made that brought us sobriety were the correct ones. Realizing this, many of us even come to feel gratitude for the problem that brought us into the program.

We are never able to say with certainty that different choices made earlier in life would have been better in the long run. Bill W., an AA co-founder, said that a business setback moved him to make the calls that led him to Dr. Bob, the other co-founder. Had his business venture succeeded, it?s doubtful that Bill would have been thinking about helping another alcoholic.

The best choice any of us can make is to turn such maters and questions over to our Higher Power. We have a duty to do the best we can with today?s opportunities and conditions.

I’ll live today in the present. The good experiences from the past are always with me, and I can benefit from any lessons learned by my mistakes.
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