Monday, 10 June 2019

A Day At A Time

Reflection For The Day

When I least expect it, my keen addictive mind will try to divert me back toward my old ideas and old ways.  My mind is expert, in fact, at planting and nourishing negative feelings within me — feeling such as envy, fear, anxiety, or guilt.  The minute I spot any of these poisonous feelings rising up, I have to deal with them.  If not, the more I think about them, the stronger they’ll get;  the stronger they get, the more I’ll think about them — to the point of obsession.  When negative feelings arise, do I “name the, claim them, an dump them…”?

Today I Pray

I should know — and may I please never forget — that a sure way to let my feelings get the best of me is to pretend they aren’t there.  Like spoiled offspring, they act up when they are ignored.  But also like when they are ignored.  But also like offspring’s, they are here, they are mine and I am responsible for them.  May I learn to pay attention to my feelings, even if sometimes I would rather make-believe they didn’t belong to me.

Today I Will Remember

Name them, claim them, dump them. 
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