Friday, 14 June 2019

As Bill Sees It

“Success” in Twelfth-Stepping, p. 165

“We now see that in twelfth-stepping the immediate results are not so important.  Some people start out working with others and have immediate success. They are likely to get cocky. Those of us who are not so successful at first get depressed.

“As a matter of fact, the successful worker differs from the unsuccessful only in being lucky about his prospects. He simply hits newcomers who are ready and able to stop at once. Given the same prospects, the seemingly unsuccessful person would have produced almost the same results. You have to work on a lot of newcomers before the law of averages commences to assert itself.”


All true communications must be founded on mutual need. We saw that each sponsor would have to admit humbly his own needs as clearly as those of his prospect.

1. Letter, 1942
2. A.A. Today, p. 10
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