Saturday 22 June 2019

Daily Zen

And so are there four noble truths: 

Life is suffering thru' birth trauma, illness, old age, fear of approaching death, separation from what one loves, stuck with what one hates.
The cause of all suffering is desire
The cure for all suffering is to remove desire
To remove desire, follow the eight-fold path.

Eightfold path: 

Right knowledge..understand four noble truths
Right thinking..decide to set life on the correct path
Right speech..don't lie,criticize others unjustly,no harsh language,no gossip
Right conduct..follow the five precepts
Right livelihood..earn a living that does not harm living things
Right effort..conquer all evil thoughts, strive to maintain good thoughts
Right mindfulness..become intensely aware of all the states in body, feeling and mind.
Right concentration..deep meditation to lead to a higher state of consciousness( enlightenment)

And the Five Precepts of right conduct: 

Do not kill
Do not steal
Do not lie
Do not be unchaste
Do not take drugs or drink intoxicants 
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