Friday, 7 June 2019

Daily Zen

There are six root delusions

Anger - highly disturbed aspect of mind that arises when we see something unpleasant - enemies, and so forth

Attachment - attachment to ego / self / others / things causes suffering

Pride - is your inflated opinion of yourself and can manifest in relation to some good or bad object: your power, wealth, good qualities, family, wisdom, pure ethics - even your pleasant voice or physical prowess

Ignorance - not knowing, not seeing, not understanding, being unclear, and so forth. Ignorance is like blindness - not seeing the nature or mode of existence of something. Ignorance is the root of all delusions.

Doubt - directed towards the four truths, the Three Jewels, cause and effect

Deluded Views - there are 5
• The view that equates the self with the perishable
• Extreme Views - views such as the continuity of the 'I' as being discontinued at death
• The view of holding aggregates to be supreme
• Holding an ethic or mode of behaviour to be supreme

• Wrong views - such as Three Jewels do not exist, cause and effect do not exist
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