Sunday, 2 June 2019

Father Leo’s Daily Meditation


“Everything one does enough of eventually generates its own interest and one then begins to believe in it. ”
–Alan Dunn

I never thought that I could stay sober. For years I tried to abstain with no success. It was not the act of stopping that was different ( I could stop three times in one week!). It was staying stopped.

Then a man said, “Try stopping for twenty-four hours. If that proves too long, try stopping until the morning or for one hour or even for one minute . . . If the cravings gets too severe, call me but don’t take that first drink!” My abstinence began in periods of twenty-four hours.  Life is made up of days and we live in periods of twenty-four hours, so I live a day at a time. I was successful. I am successful. Today I have a number of years that are based on the simplicity of “don’t drink today “. I believe in it. I believe in me. And it gets better.

Lord of time, thank you for giving me the simplicity of days, hours and minutes. 
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