Thursday, 20 June 2019

One Day At A Time


“Our way is not soft grass, it’s a mountain path with lots of rocks. But it goes upward, forward,toward the sun.”

–Ruth Westheimer

I’ve been in a Twelve Step program for a while now. When I look back, I sometimes think how easy the journey has been to find the peace, serenity and love I’ve been given — thanks to the program. I brought a lot of denial with me when I joined the program, and apparently I’m still in some denial. I’m so grateful to be where I am today that I have forgotten the struggles I’ve faced to get here.

No wonder some newcomers look at longtimers and think they’ll never be able to get there! When I stretch my memory, I remember running headlong into the Fourth Step and thinking it the scariest thing I’d ever faced in my life. I know that first one was traumatic–holding my pencil to do it, getting the first page down, and admitting so many things that had been shaming me for decades. I usually don’t think about that today. Now I know firsthand the cleansing of a good Fourth Step and I look forward to them as I peel the onion and find more defects.

When I look back over my journey, I can remember sitting in an emergency room using the slogan “One Day at a Time” for the first time. I changed “one day” to “five minutes” because it was all I could handle. But it got me through that day and the next two days. A few years ago I read that the slogans are the handrails to the Steps. I wish I’d known that before. For me to use that slogan when I did was an act of faith ~ and at the time my faith was shaky. After having proved to my satisfaction that there is a Higher Power out there who wants the best for me, I have faith now. Maybe this is why I look back on my journey and have a hard time finding the struggles. Maybe it’s my new attitude of gratitude that keeps me looking to the positive rather than the negative. Whatever the reason, I’d like to say that
I struggled in the program, but it was worth it.

One day at a time …

I will remember to turn to the program to help maintain my peace and serenity,especially through the bad times.

~ Rhonda
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