Monday, 17 June 2019

Today’s Gift

You will jump to it someday. Then you’ll fly. You’ll really fly. After that you’ll quite simply, quite calmly make your own stones, your own floor plan, your own sound.

—Anne Sexton

A young man sat beside a whispering creek all day for years, never moving. The townsfolk who watched him wondered whether he heard the gurgling creek sounds, or felt the sting of insects, or saw the raccoons when they came at night to sip from the cool, dark waters.

One day the young man rose and dashed up the hill above the creek. There, using all the healing strength of the stream, which he had quietly absorbed over the years, he gathered stones. He arranged them layer-by-layer to fit the plan he had thought out by the creek, and feverishly he built his home. When done, he let out a brassy, booming holler of joy. Imagine the townsfolk’s surprise when they turned their eyes to that lonely spot by the creek and saw a huge castle of stone above the place where the young man once rested.

What plans can I make during my idle hours today? 
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