Wednesday, 19 June 2019

Today’s Gift

Jealousy is cruel as the grave.

—Song of Solomon

Most bushes and small trees need trimming every year. They have branches that hang out over the sidewalk and get in people’s way. Sometimes the branches grow so long and low to the ground that the tree looks weighted down.

Jealousy is like an overgrown branch -it weighs us down. It is one of those feelings all of us deal with. We may be jealous of someone’s looks or talent, or maybe even their good luck. Like the overgrown branches, jealousy sticks out all over and gets in other people’s way as well as our own. It is a part of us we need to keep cutting back.

If we are good gardeners, we will get out the clippers. Seeing and talking about our jealousy is the best way to start using those clippers. If we do this, our own leaves will be healthier, and our blossoms will grow.

Is there someone I am jealous of? Can I use my clippers today?
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