Tuesday, 11 June 2019

Walk in Dry Places #essentialsofrecovery

What can we change ?
Handling limitations.

There’s always danger that resignation will masquerade as acceptance. In 12 Step programs, we must learn the difference between the two. Resignation refers to putting up with conditions that we should actually change; it regards self-imposed limitation. Acceptance means recognizing reality and becoming comfortable with it.

We might resign ourselves to bad treatment that is unacceptable, or we might put up with personal shortcomings that we could change. When someone points this out, we defend ourselves by asserting points this out., we defend ourselves by asserting that we’re practicing acceptance.

As human beings and children of God, we are entitled to live with dignity and to receive fair treatment. We should never resign ourselves to anything that robs us of this basic humanity. Our Higher Power will show us how to eliminate resignation if we have been practicing it. The message of the program is that we never have to accept the things we can and should change.

Today if I am uncomfortable with something, I’ll ask myself if I’ve been practicing resignation instead of acceptance. There may be many things in my life that can and should be changed.
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