Thursday, 6 June 2019

Walk in Dry Places

My opportunities are in change

Personal Growth.

It’s common to hear a recovering person voice apprehensions about an impending change. This apprehension only results from our fear that change will mean loss.

There can never be any permanent loss if we are solidly anchored in our spiritual program. Our Higher Power is the guiding force in all change and will make all things right as events unfold.

We should also remember that change brought us to our present situation. Any good we now enjoy came to us by a certain process. Even painful experiences have been valuable lessons.

There is no way we can avoid change; it is a built-in condition of life. We can accept it more gracefully if we view it as God’s way of bringing us opportunity.

Any change that I sense today is just a signal for the arrival of new opportunities. Even if changes seem uncomfortable, I’ll welcome all such change.
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