Friday, 12 July 2019

Father Leo’s Daily Meditation


“Violence is counter-productive and produces changes of a sort you don’t want. It is a very dangerous instrument and can destroy those who wield it.”

–John Gardner

I believed I wasn’t violent when I drank but that is not true; I wasn’t physically violent but I used emotional and mental violence. I did not hit, fight or mutilate people with my hands, but I could tear a person apart with my tongue. My sarcasm and criticism made people cry, feel demoralized and useless. Violence always removes the “dignity” from man — and I did this with my mouth!

Today I try to practice tolerance and patience, I count to ten, and when I do lose my temper and hurt a person unfairly or unnecessarily, I apologize. In my sobriety the anger, hate and need to hurt is slowly going. I am progressively getting better a day at a time.

Teacher, let me offer the hand of peace, not the fist of violence.
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