Friday, 12 July 2019

Today’s Gift

We love the things we love for what they are.

—Robert Frost

Once there was a little girl who had a stuffed frog named Jeremy. Jeremy went everywhere with the girl – to imaginary picnics with her other dolls, to school, on trips, and, once, even into the bathtub! Every night, Jeremy slept cradled in her arms.

Over time, Jeremy grew old and tattered. He had lost an eye, and he limped because the girl used to use one of his legs as a handle, and it had gotten crushed. His nose was a little mangled too, from being dragged on the ground.

But the girl loved that frog; no matter how bedraggled he looked. And he never did anything. He was just always there. He was just Jeremy, and she loved him for that.

Today, that girl is a young woman and has outgrown childish things. But in her bedroom, you’ll still find Jeremy, tattered and repaired, asleep on her bed. She still loves him dearly, for what he is.

Who do I love, and why?
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