Wednesday, 24 July 2019

Walk In Dry Places #essentialsofrec

Overcoming A Bad Disposition

People with bad dispositions, like people with drinking problems, do not recognize how difficult they are. They accept their bad disposition as normal. Some people even declare proudly that they’re in a bad mood until they’ve been awake several hours or had three cups of coffee.

We do not have to put up with a BAD DISPOSITION. If we find ourselves touchy or grumpy at times, we should immediately release this to our Higher Power. There is a better pattern of thought and feeling to replace anything that comes across to others as a bad disposition.

It’s surprising to learn that we don’t have to live with a bad disposition. What’s even more surprising is that we’ll also be happier and more relaxed without it.

A bad disposition, we learn, is just so much unnecessary baggage we don’t have to carry.

I’ll be relaxed and friendly at all times today. I have neither a need nor an excuse for a bad disposition. 
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