Thursday, 18 July 2019

Walk In Dry Places

What is a new freedom?

We’re promised a “new freedom” in the 12 Step program. How does this differ from the “old freedom” we’ve known?

The new freedom is an inner feeling of release from the bondage of compulsion. We are no longer serving as our own jailers. We are free from useless things that have held us back. Think of the burdens we had assumed by fearing others, by holding grudges, by having needless regrets.

This new freedom has nothing to do with political or civil liberties, which we hope to enjoy as our birthright. But nobody can give us freedom if we are locked into compulsions that bind us. We must seek the new freedom within ourselves.

Throughout the day, I’ll think of myself as a completely free person. I’m free at last from the bondage I imposed upon myself.
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