Sunday, 11 August 2019

Father Leo’s Daily Meditation


“The race advances only by the extra achievements of the individual. You are the individual.”

— Charles Towne

The spiritual program that involves a “love of self” has made me get in touch with my individuality. Although we can identify with other people’s feelings and situations, we are also not exactly the same. Our dreams and aspirations are different, our gifts and achievements vary, our personal individuality adds to the variety of life.

My “difference” needs to be nurtured alongside my spiritual growth, especially since being a recovering alcoholic I am tempted to “please” the crowd. Today my personal inventory revolves around my needs, hopes and dreams that are realistic. Spirituality is reality.

In helping myself to the abundant richness that is within me, I am contributing to society and the world.
Thank You for making the world with such creative difference; may I continue to risk in this knowledge. 
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