Monday, 12 August 2019

Father Leo’s Daily Meditation


“The tragedy of life is what dies in man while he lives.” — Albert Schweitzer

Addiction progressively takes away the vitality of life. It robs life of meaning. Addiction isolates; it kills by atrophy. People, places and things lose meaning; everything becomes a chore and God is lost. We say to compensate that we are having “fun” — we say this a lot and at times we believe it, but in the silence of the night we know it to be a lie.

We lie to others and to ourselves. Sometimes we believe the lie! At this point we begin to die unless we take courage and confront “the lie” in order to live. Today I live because I confronted my lie. I have discovered the spiritual power that was buried deep beneath the progressive addiction. And I am finding it easier and less painful to live.

May I continue to breathe a daily “yes” in my life so that I might live.
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