Friday, 2 August 2019

Father Leo’s Daily Meditation


“Nobody ever died of laughter.”

– Max Beerbohm

I knew that I was growing in self-esteem and confidence when I was able to laugh, express that “belly” laugh that proclaims that I am glad to be alive.

So many religious people are too serious. They seem to think that God disapproves of laughter and yet it seems the most natural emotion in the world. Sobriety is a statement that the pain is being overcome and the hope that is experienced will necessarily release laughter.

Laughter also stops us from treating ourselves and the world too seriously. I remember a professor telling me, “God created the world for fun. Find the key to life and enjoy it.” Spirituality is that key.
Sometimes, Lord, in the silence of my car, my joy is so great and my gratitude so overwhelming, I can do nothing but laugh. Thank You for the gift of laughter. 
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