Friday, 23 August 2019

Father Leo’s Daily Meditation


“There is no sort of work that could ever be done well if you minded what fools say.”

– George Eliot

Part of the risk in my recovery is arousing the displeasure of others. I know that I cannot please all the people — and yet my disease tells me that I must! For years I missed life’s opportunities because I listened to negative and frightened people. Today I choose to shout my “yes” to life, and I ignore the fools. The fools are rarely friends. Rather, they seek to keep me in the same prison as themselves. If they truly loved me, they would encourage me to be imaginative and creative.

Today I have a joyride “letting go and letting God” because God is a great risk-taker!

I pray that I may always listen to the advice of others, but never miss my power of decision.
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