Saturday, 3 August 2019

Father Leo’s Daily Meditation


“Man — a being in search of meaning.”

– Plato

Today I am on my way. With my sobriety has come a desire to understand — understand life, understand me, understand my relationships and understand God. Meaning — what is true? What is noble? What is spiritual? These are important to me today.

I no longer wish to hurt, damage, ridicule, destroy, fight, lie or cheat in my life. I’ve had enough of being negative. I’ve had enough of being lost and isolated in my arrogance. I’ve had enough of standing on the outside of life, feeling resentful and afraid.

Sobriety, for me today, involves my search for meaning — knowing full well that my understanding will always be imperfect and I can never comprehend fully. The ultimate answer is in living with confusion. I am not God … but I still intend to reach for the stars.
Lord, my cry for self-awareness is answered in the journey and not the destination. 
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