Saturday, 24 August 2019

Today’s Gift

To those of us who knew the pain of valentines that never came 
and those whose names were never called when choosing sides for basketball.

—Janis Ian

Each of us at some time has known the feeling of not belonging; the painful emptiness of feeling left out. We’ve stood on the sidelines longing to be invited into what we think is some sort of magical circle. If only they would ask us in, we think, we’d be transformed – we’d be somebody then.

But look around. The circle is composed of people just like us: insecure at times, frightened, unsure. They have felt anxiety and feared rejection just as we have.

The pain will pass, and if we use these times to get to know and understand ourselves a bit better, we’ll be better able to understand others when they’re feeling left out and lonely. And when it’s our turn to choose a team or send a valentine, we’ll remember.
Who can I remember today?
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