Saturday, 10 August 2019

Walk In Dry Places

Can’t or Won’t?

“I can’t do it,” a person declared as the meeting opened. “I simply can’t stop drinking.” That launched the evening’s discussion as thirteen people offered their ideas and suggestions.

One idea that emerged was that CAN ‘T was really WON’T. The individual was still holding back on re3commeded actions, such as attending more meetings and making excuses for not doing so. It became clear that thequest for sobriety was still only half-hearted.

In dealing with a powerful addiction, we learned long ago that half-hearted approaches don’t work. That’s why willingness is called the KEY to recovery. If the “Won’t” factor isn’t eliminated, our chances for recovery are very poor.

Some people recognize their “won’t” attitude but still desire sobriety. For them, the answer is to continue attending meetings and doing the other things that bring sobriety. This can result in a breakthrough when they least expect it.
I’ll remember today that can’t is often won’t. If I’m not taking the right steps to help myself, I’ll check myself for willingness.
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