Sunday, 11 August 2019

Walk In Dry Places

What is real Open-mindedness?
New Ideas

When we’re urged to be open-minded, what’s really involved? Open-mindedness certainly can’t mean accepting every idea that comes down the road, because some of them are worthless or harmful.

Open-mindedness really means a readiness to put our deeply held opinions aside long enough to consider new ideas. If we simply refuse to listen to anything new, we’ll avoid the bad ideas, but we’ll also miss out on the ideas that can help us.

If we’re really honest, we can look back to see many ideas that helped us after we reluctantly agreed to consider them. It’s important to screen ideas as they come to us, but we can’t block them out completely. All a good idea needs to help us is a fair chance.

I’ll work at being more open-minded today. It’s possible I’ve been blocking out ideas that could help me. 
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