Saturday, 17 August 2019

Walk In Dry Places

Whom Should we Respect?
Respecting others.

While having dinner in a nice restaurant, my friends and I realized that we were treating the young man bussing the table with cold indifference. He appeared to be unsure of himself, doing his work with apprehension and a lack of confidence.

Here was an example of a person who needed silent encouragement. He needed to be assured that his performance of honest, useful work was respected and appreciated. He also needed to be reminded that he had opportunities to continue developing and using his talents. Perhaps we, as patrons of the restaurant, could provide that.

Sometimes this encouragement can simply be expressed in the way we act and feel toward people. If it is genuine and based on good spiritual principles, it will be understood. It’s actually a form of practicing the principles of the Twelve Steps in all our affairs. At the same time, we practice identifying with every person we meet.

I’ll try to take note of every person I come in contact with today, knowing that everyone needs support and encouragement. I can do my part to provide that.
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