Wednesday, 21 August 2019

Walk In Dry Places

Meeting needs in the Right Way.

Bizarre as it is, the bad behavior of drunkenness has an underlying logic when it’s really understood.

Why, for example, would people squander money buying drinks for total strangers when their families are going without?

This is an insane way of meeting needs for intimacy and approval. It’s true that these needs will never be met in this fashion, but try telling that to a person who is still drinking!

In recovery, we can more easily forgive ourselves for past actions when we realize they came out of a misguided attempt to meet basic needs. A starving person will seek out garbage. Starved as we were for necessities of life, we sought a form of garbage. The good news in AA recovery is that sobriety will help us meet basic needs in the right way.

I’ll keep in mind today that as a human being I have certain needs that should be met in proper ways. 
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