Sunday, 4 August 2019

Walk In Dry Places

Treating loved ones worse than strangers.
Personal Relations

Some of us grew up with resentments about the way our families treated us. It was confusing to notice how nice our parents could be toward strangers and then how abruptly they could become abusive toward us.

The best release for this kind of resentment is forgiveness, but we should also ask ourselves if we’re guilty of the same faults. Are we discourteous and inconsiderate toward our own children and family members? Do we apologize when we offend strangers, but not when we hurt our own children?

We should try to treat everyone with fairness and kindness. No family member should be subjected to our incessant criticism and rudeness. We owe them the same courtesies we extend to strangers.

If I’ve had bad examples of abusive treatment in my own early years, I’ll change the pattern by treating my own family with fairness and kindness, starting today. 
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