Saturday, 7 September 2019

Today’s Gift

The sun’s the life giver. . . I talk to it like you would to a god.

—Peter Firth

Having a Power greater than ourselves to believe in is like knowing the sun is in the sky. There are days when the sun shines with a brilliance that lights up everything around us – tree branches, snowflakes, and the faces of our friends. When a seed is planted, it is the sun’s warmth that invites it out of the ground to grow into a fruit or flower. The sun is the center the earth rotates around. The sun gives warmth and light to the earth, sometimes in ways we don’t always notice.

There are days we do not see the sun – it is obscured by thick clouds. Yet even on these days, we know the sun’s rays still reach the earth and nourish her.

God nourishes and warms our lives the same way the sun does the earth. Some days we easily see the presence of such a power in our lives, and other days we cannot see past the clouds. But God gives our lives a light-filled center and nourishes us even on quiet cloudy days.

How is God present in my life right now?   
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