Tuesday, 10 September 2019

Walk In Dry Places #essentialsofrecovery

Watch those feelings

In AA’s early years, there was very little talk about “feelings’ or “emotions.” The phrase “getting in touch with your feelings” had not been popularized, yet the AA pioneers knew that bitter and resentful feelings were destructive, while warm and optimistic feelings enhanced sobriety.

Now we know that feelings are extremely are extremely important for groups as well as individuals. We know that some AA groups can give off feelings that make them more attractive than others. Some groups are considered “cold,” while others are “warm.” Such differences are rooted in the feelings of each member of the group.

How can we be sure that our feelings will make our groups warm and inviting to others? We can “tune” our feelings by looking at our attitudes. If we are truly dedicated to our principles and want to share them with others, the feelings we project will be welcoming. Whatever we really feel will be expressed in our daily affairs and in our group activities.

I’ll check my attitude today for good feelings as I go about my work and activities. These feelings will, in turn, send out signals that everyone can understand and appreciate. 
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