Wednesday, 11 September 2019

Walk In Dry Places #essentialsofrecovery

With Whom are we Honest?

“When you’re up before a judge, you can’t be honest with the court,” an AA member said, with some regret. “If you are, the judge will throw the book at you.”

This member was right in the sense that court-room disclosures must always be made with prudence. What’s more important is that we are always completely honest with ourselves and the close friends who serve as our sponsors. As for what is disclosed in a court situation, for example, we follow sound professional advice. Under no circumstances, of course, should we tell an outright lie, however.

Our practice of honesty also does not require us to tell every person we know about our alcoholism. We are entitled to our privacy as well as anonymity. Others, in turn, need not be burdened with complete knowledge about our lives.

Our Higher Power will guide us along honest paths once we’re committed to the program. We will know when and how to make the right disclosures about ourselves.

I’ll practice rigorous honest today. At the same time, I will be prudent in the way I disclose personal information. 
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