Wednesday, 18 September 2019

Walk In Dry Places #essentialsofrecovery

The role of humor

There’s a lot of humor among recovery groups, which probably came out of the bizarre drinking stories told by speakers. It’s also a reflection of our real personalities.

The right kind of humor helps us achieve balance and not take ourselves too seriously. Meetings can be terribly suffocating when they have neither lightness or gaiety.

There is also a wrong kind of humor that should be avoided. It’s very easy to let joking and good-natured ribbing take the place of the honest discussions all of us need. It’s too easy in AA for a member to become known and liked as a charming jokester, even though he or she may be quietly feeling lots of inner pain. People are often surprised when such a person runs into trouble, because they had accepted the humorous surface personality without knowing the real person. In such a case, humor can send the wrong message.

Most of the time, however, humor helps keep us on the right track. Let’s keep it in our picture, but also in the proper focus.

I’ll not be afraid to laugh at myself or about myself today. Perhaps my right-spirited laughter also reflects the laughter of God. 
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