Friday, 20 September 2019

Walk In Dry Places #essentialsofrecovery

All we need to know.

Seen from today’s perspective, the early AA members had rather narrow attitudes toward the study of alcoholism. They became restless and fidgety if member started discussing psychological aspects of the problem or gave other indications that they were trying to learn more about the disease.

While we don’t need to hold such narrow attitudes today, we should at least concede that we don’t need complex information to stay sober. All we have to know is that we have a very compulsive problem that can be arrested by eliminating the first drink.

Even today, nobody fully knows why the first drink is so deadly for people like us. Our experience and the experience of others tells us that it is. That knowledge alone can be an important building block in finding and maintaining sobriety.

While being open-minded to new information, I’ll remember today that a fairly simple idea…. that I’m an alcoholic and can’t live with alcohol…. Is the main thing I need to know.
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