Saturday, 5 October 2019

Father Leo’s Daily Meditation #essentialsofrecovery


“The books I haven’t written are better than the books other people have.”

– Cyril V. Connolly

Today I still have to grapple with pride, vanity and conceit. Today, thanks to God and my spiritual program, I am not so preoccupied with self, but the old tapes can still be heard: “Thank God I am not as stupid as her.” “I am blessed in not being like those people.” “I suppose everybody in the room is looking at me.”

Pride is still a big obstacle because it keeps me isolated from people. It emphasizes the difference between me and the world, rather than the commonality. Pride keeps me a prisoner of my ego and develops that cruel and sadistic streak in my nature that I know exists. Pride stops me being grateful because it keeps me too focused on what I am doing and I miss the beauty and splendor of my life. Pride keeps my nose pushed against the picture so I cannot see the portrait!

I can only change this “proudful” attitude by talking about it. The way for me to grow is to “dump it” . . . today.

May I find me in the people I meet and share with. 
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